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Over the past few months I cleaned up the look and code behind this site and Editors Cut, my publishing site. I'm experimenting with a couple of things there that I will bring here soon - but in the meantime I need to work on my Publishing Tools.

I have a few weeks between now and when I start teaching again so I've been playing with all sorts of parsing experiments.

I may use them to produce slides - but I think I've come to my senses about writing my own publishing tool.

I will be continue to distribute my books through GumRoad but I'm adding a publisher as well and they wanted Mobi and PDF as well.

I'm not happy with the PDFs that my current tool chain produces and I use them for all of my classes so I decided to look at that.

I think where I've landed is Calibre and so this week I'll work on improving the CSS for my books and see if I can produce Epubs that look good in light or dark mode and mobi and pdf while I'm at it.

If you have any of my books and want to critique/make suggestions as I play with the look please email me at the inquiries link.

I can't tell if this is a Covey "Sharpen the Saw" moment or just me procrastinating writing the actual books.