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So many people are trying different things to bring conferences and training to you.

Since the pandemic began, I've hosted and presented at conferences in Philadelphia, Paris, Amsterdam, and Geneva.

I've also been teaching for Natasha through her try! Swift World conference.

One of the last conferences that Kim and I went to in person was try!Swift Tokyo. It was wonderful. She and I explored some of Tokyo, Kyoto, and had a great time in Kamakura.

In addition, the conference was top notch. Natasha pays a lot of attention to details that other organizers may not notice. The day after the conference, Laura Savino and I ran a workshop for kids who were learning to program.

All that is to say that it was an easy "yes" when Natasha asked if I would like to teach for an online experiment for try!Swift.

I've been teaching an intro hour/hour and a half on SwiftUI and another on Combine. I've just updated those following WWDC for Xcode 12 and Swift 5.3. I'm running them again this week and next week. After that, Natasha has asked that I add some new workshops so I will debut new ones on working with SwiftUI Lists and Grids and on Higher-Order Functions in Swift Arrays the first week of August.

Although we may bring the SwiftUI and Combine ones back, I'm also considering creating video courses of them. I know, I've been talking about video courses for a long time, but my conference talks in Philadelphia and the Netherlands were a good test run for the formatting and production.

There will be other public classes soon both in real time and on video. For now, I hope to see you at try! Swift World.