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I've made a few tweaks to my site and it makes me a little sad that I felt I had to.

I tried for a year and it just didn't work for me.

That's ok - not everything is for everybody.

I wrote last time that one of my issues is with untitled posts. I've deliberately given this one a bad title and I still think that's better than labeling it [Untitled].

I am tweaking my website. I've changed the "What's New" section again now that I'm no longer supporting

I've gotten rid of it's separate rss feed and slightly reformatted the index pages.

The biggest thing I'm trying is including the date on the front page. It's a challenge to me to not let content get too stale - but I may delete the dates later as I have trouble keeping up when I travel.

Anyway, I was talking about being sad about leaving

Manton is a great guy who has a vision for improving some things about Twitter style conversations.

I like a lot of what he's trying to do. I like how Jean is building a community. I like the goals behind The format didn't work for me and the struggles with truly self-hosting without tools to make it easy made it too hard for me.

I don't care for Twitter.

This year I tried Mastodon and have tried other alternatives in the past. I thought would work.

And that's what makes me sad.

Manton is a good guy with good intent and Jack is not. Twitter can be an ugly toxic place.

Facebook is wrong in so many ways.

I'd hoped could replace Facebook and Twitter for me.

Facebook and Twitter - two horrible environments with leadership that doesn't share my values.

So what makes me sad isn't - it's me.

In my home town I'm willing to pay more or do without rather than shop at Walmart or eat at chains. I prefer to support the local folks if I can.

So why am I posting on Twitter and Facebook and not continuing to support my local guy?

Perhaps the great Walt Kelly was right when he mangled Commodore Perry's famous quote ("we have met the enemy, and they are ours") in his comic strip Pogo to the truism, "we have met the enemy and he is us".