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I like blog posts to have titles.

I know it's not required by the spec.

I know the tide is turning on this one.

I know it's easier as a writer not to have to come up with a title for a short post.

As a reader, I like titles with my posts. As a writer, my job is to make it easier for my readers.

As a reader, I remember a post I liked from an author I admire and I look back through their posts and I see a sea of posts without a title. It makes it hard for me to find the one that resonated with me.

The argument seems to be that we don't title tweets so we shouldn't need to title short blog posts.

For me, this first came to a head with micro.blog. There's so much I like about micro.blog and so much I just don't get.

I love the idea of owning my own content on my own site - but I'm going to have to write my own tool because creating a post and adding to an rss feed on my own site and surfacing it on my front page has been kind of a pain.

I've had more of an issue, however, with the untitled posts.

This week another friend I respect in this space has just started posting untitled pieces on his own blog.

Brent, Manton, and now Duncan have expressed their support for this style.

Maybe I'm not using blog posts the way they were or are intended but to me a blog post, a tweet, and a Facebook post are different animals with different purposes.

For now, for me, I think even a short post deserves a title.

And that's why the title of this one is "[Untitled]".