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A talk about shipping apps quickly is really about something else. Also, Ron says accept the world as it is, the creator economy can't rely on Patreon, the Forged Apple Employee Badge, the meaning of zeugma, Maggie's link to JFK's last meal, and Majid with a throwback to an article on Background tasks in SwiftUI.

There's nothing wrong with most things we complain about - they're just not for us.

April 29, 2024

Are macros for you? That's one of the mysteries we solve in "The Case of the Vanishing Bodies: An introduction to Swift Macros.Available today!

We wrap up our introduction to SwiftData with the remaining CRUD operations and add, delete, and modify a meeting.

Books from Editors Cut

The Case of the Vanishing Bodies

The Mystery of the Mutating Mannequin

The Curious Case of the Async Cafe

A Functional Programming Kickstart

A Bread Baking Kickstart

Dear Elena

A SwiftUI Kickstart

A Swift Kickstart

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May 1, 2024

A brief summary of my current interests and activities. It's a mini-essay that gets updated periodically with details about my current focus.


Top Tracks App Icon

Top Tracks lets you transform your favorite Apple Music Playlists into Top 40-style radio stations.

Make as many stations as you want until your personal Top Tracks station dial is overflowing.

Works on iPad, iPhone (+ Apple Watch), Mac, Car Play, and AppleTV with an Apple Music Subscription.

Dough Temperature Calculator

Take your bread baking up a notch by specifying the temperature your dough should be after mixing.

Dough Temperature Calculator is a free app that lets you calculate the temperature of your water to achieve your Desired Dough Temperature and bring one of the practices of professional bread bakers to your kitchen.

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Swift Macros Workshop

May 21, 2024

Swift Craft


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