The Now page for Daniel H Steinberg with a brief summary of my current interests and activities.

I'm not sure I'm doing this right - but here goes.

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Last updated May 1, 2024


I've just finished two books. The Case of the Vanishing Bodies is an introduction to Swift Macros and The Mystery of the Mutating Mannequin looks at data flow in SwiftUI and finishes with an introduction of SwiftData.

My goal is to clear the decks before WWDC so that I can think about what to write about next. I'm thinking it might be AI/ML for Apple platforms or a deeper look at Swift 6.

I need to look at my existing books and see which ones need to be updated and which ones should be left as is.

Oh, the Prags will also distribute Dear Elena and my Bread baking book in the next few months.


It's been a busy Spring so far. Maggie met me in Amsterdam and we went on to Berlin.

May includes a trip to Chicago for Deep Dish Swift, North Macedonia for iOSKonf, and Folkestone UK for Swift Craft.

I still don't believe in submiting CFPs but am happy that people are still inviting me and I generally say yes.

The fall looks pretty busy. I'm waiting for a couple more to fall into place before planning my travel.

I'm headed to the Bay area for WWDC. I expect to come back from there in the middle of June exhausted and inspired.

I also plan on updating my Top Tracks app and changing it to be a free app so I don't have to worry about EU restrictions on paid apps. There's a bread baking app and a time management app I'm trying not to write. We'll see how that goes.


I can't believe it, but last night I went to a second meeting to plan for Medicare. I need to apply for parts A and B at the beginning of June as benefits should start at the beginning of September.

It's also a reminder to exercise more and lose weight. I did well during the shut-down but reverted to previous behavior once I started traveling again. So that is a focus.

I need to start cleaning out my house. I'm not moving any time soon, but depending on what happens in the November elections, I may have to make some choices.

Speaking of which - I am starting to give to candidates. I'm worried about the future of our democracy and, even short of that, that those elected won't take the steps needed to preserve reproductive rights and environmental issues.