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I tried to keep this essay light with the week democracy is having - Prince, Shaq - but somehow... Also, Sotomayor's dissent, the Inquirer urges a candidate to drop out, Springsteen on a lyric controversy, Dash on Prince, Maggie's link to the history of Video Games on The Simpsons, and Voorhees on AI regulation.

If a View's body is implemented in an extension that doesn't conform to View then we can run into problems if branches of body return different types. A solution is to explicitly annotate body with @ViewBuilder.

Asynchronous coding and getting yourself out of a funk.

July 9, 2024

Looking ahead at the books, apps, and conferences on my schedule the rest of this year. Also, AI Chatbots respond to spam calls, Snoop Frogg sings Gin and Juice, Snyder on Fascism and Fear, a bullet vending machine in grocery stores, Maggie's link to the history of frozen pizza, and links to upcoming conferences.

Taking a leap and trusting you'll be caught. If not, picking yourself up and leaping again.

July 15, 2024

I've updated my introductory Swift book, "A Swift Kickstart", for Swift 6 / Xcode 16. It's a free update if you own it and 50% off on Gumroad if you don't.

The difference between sudden and certain. Also, Democracy on the ballot, World Latte Art Champion, Rotary Sheep, It wasn't me, Maggie's link to a Kendrick parody, and the Return-to-Office Tango.

On reason vs. following your gut. Enduring a little spray so we don't capsize the boat.

July 23, 2024

Computer languages as a metaphor for US Politics. Also, an outstanding cat video, Kareem on the upcoming US election, what kind of genius are you, Jobs on The Objects of our Life, Maggie's link to pencil sharpeners and Todd May's Mother Forkin' Morals.

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