What's New - August 2022

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The preparation before the procedure. Also, a classic jingle, Jon Stewart on the PACT Act, Victoria's Secret, Christian Nationalism, Whittling the world down, Maggie's link to a Raintree Cafe tour, and a celebration of CPAN.

How we mark anniversaries. Also, Luenell on Lovett or leave it, a math date, neither correlation nor causation, using dried beans, a t v weatherman's surprise, Maggie's link to the internet of old, and issues with TestFlight.

August 16, 2022

Live like you're not posting pictures. Also, an open verse challenge, three man fountain, being less bothered, Bill Russell on freedom, Africa in Paris, Ted Lasso's Dark Forest, Maggies link to Running after Covid, and Fireball is 20.

August 23, 2022

What happens when you are so far ahead but the world catches up. Also, 6 years today, a water gun standoff, consequences of an act of kindness, Maggies links to Better Call Saul recap of the first three years, and a programming contest.

August 30, 2022

On quitting quietly or otherwise. Also, a Vermont covered bridge, the Stones Snap Crackle and Pop, a poem "Color Wheel", Eric Meyer's Trolley+, Preet's list, Why's legacy, and Maggie asks which frog are you.