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The weeks and even months before WWDC are both exciting and stressful for me every year.

I know not to update any of my books or start a new one. Anything could change at Apple's Developer Conference.

There are authors who shrug and say they'll just update their books with the new bits but that doesn't fit the way I write.

Sometimes a new feature or two means I want to rewrite entire sections or even the entire book because the best path through a topic has changed. I don't just bolt on the new bits.

The same is true for apps. I'm waiting to see what's announced at WW to decide if I need to rearchitect my music app that I've been working on for months. If there are significant changes or updates I may rewrite that app and hold it for September so that I won't need to support multiple versions of iOS in a new app.

Then again - I have to do something.

I can't just sit for weeks and not do anything productive.

(Well I can and have - but it isn't something I want to do.)

So I've updated my free iOS app: Dough Temperature Calculator.

One of the easiest things you can adjust in your bread baking to get better results is to achieve your desired dough temperature in your home bakes.

The idea is that as the weather changes throughout the year the temperature of your flour, your room, and other ingredients changes but you want the temperature of your dough after the mix to be the same. The way you achieve this is by adjusting the temperature of the water you add to the mix.

This simple app allows you to easily calculate the temperature of the water to achieve this perfect dough temperature.

There's nothing tricky about the calculation - there's a set formula and you can do it in your head or use a calculator.

This app does make the process easier with sliders. It works in Celsius or Fahrenheit. It works for doughs that have preferments and those that don't. You can easily adjust the friction coefficient.

So what's new in the update?

I've responded to user requests and expanded the temperature ranges.

I've added a second tab where you can save mixes you frequently use so that the desired dough temperature and friction coefficient are set.

I've added a feature to this second tab where you can easily tune the friction coefficient by recording the final dough temperature.

Developers, the code for the app is open source. If you're interested you can see that I set a challenge for myself to aggressively use modules and Swift packages in this update.

Anyway, the app is still free. It's a simple niche app, but it might be just what you need.

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