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Extended: Black Friday sale is now extended through December 5, 2021. Links at the bottom.

Many years ago I was an editor of technical books for a relatively new and small technical imprint.

I suggested many things over the years and generally the two guys who ran the company were very willing to discuss any ideas that I had. I learned a lot from the experience but sometimes I find that I have forgotten some of the lessons that I learned.

One year I suggested we run a Black Friday Sale.

In the United States the Thanksgiving Holiday is celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November. The day after Thanksgiving was traditionally the beginning of the Christmas buying season. That was the day that you'd start to hear Christmas songs on the radio and the stores would offer extra-attractive offers to jump start your holiday spending.

Sadly that day seems to have moved up to the day after Halloween or even earlier.

Anyway, a lot of our competitors were running Black Friday sales so I suggested we do the same.

One of the partners was against it. The other partner was ambivalent but thought that it was worth trying.

The partner that was against it had good reasons. He didn't want to set a precedent where people waited for the once a year sale.

Anyway, the sale was a big success. They sold a ton of books. They've run it every year since.

Somehow I forgot that lesson and haven't remembered to run a sale on my books.

I have a reason. I would rather reward the people who have supported me in the past than the people who haven't.

On the other hand, the people who have supported me did get the book they wanted, when they needed it, at a very good price.

So here is my sale for 2021. Between now and Sunday, November 28, 2021, I will discount all of my Kickstart books 50% on Gumroad. I've even discounted the Ultimate Bundle 50% but you can't apply money you've spent on the books individually towards it or I'd end up owing you money!

Here are the links:

Enjoy these titles and thank you for your support.

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