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It is easy to get overwhelmed by a new project and not know what to do first.

I'm feeling that with an app I'd like to write in support of my new book on Bread Baking that should be released in the next couple of months.

I want an app that allows me to develop a new recipe and also bake from existing recipes.

I've been thinking about writing this app for many years and I get overwhelmed in the details of the schema, how to persist data, how to present the recipes, and so on.

But the first rule of big projects is to do something so that there's something to fix.

I'm reminded of this with this week's release of Swift's new Collections framework.

It is a huge achievement and a great addition to Swift.

I can't imagine the amount of work that went into it.

And yet, the discussions on the Swift forums has been amazing. So many people have had really good feedback on the release that may lead to changes and improvements.

The author has responded by rethinking some of his assumptions based on the feedback.

It's a real lesson in giving and receiving feedback.

So I should just start.

But it's a couple of weeks before Dub Dub and I wonder if the persistence layer will change either with changes to Core Data or a new tool.

Also, the amount of work that has gone into UICollectionViews and differentiable data sources these past couple of years has been amazing. This news may have been overshadowed by the release of and refinements to SwiftUI, but they really shouldn't have been.

I wonder if much of the work and thinking behind collection views will show up in grids in SwiftUI this year.

And so I don't want to get too much done on the front end of my app either.

I should probably build something anyway so that I have a framework from which to assess and adopt whatever is released in June at WWDC.

It's so interesting to watch how many things the human mind will find to occupy itself to avoid doing the work that most needs to be done.

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