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I get invited on a lot of podcasts and generally I thank them but say "no".

It's a combination of things.

I don't really have that much to say.

But more than that, I'm much more comfortable interviewing other people. I love asking questions and I love editing audio. That combination means that I tend to create short podcasts filled with information.

So many podcasts, in my opinion, go on too long. Most of them could be twenty to thirty minutes (or less) but are an hour (or more).

I used to present at a lot of conferences so people could see videos of me presenting if they wanted to.

Anyway, I don't travel any more and do very few conferences so I've started saying "yes" to invitations.

I think my first was for Paul Hudson where I both talked and appeared on camera - that took a lot for me to agree to that but I completely trust Paul and it was a nice conversation between friends.

This past week, while I was "in Spain" as one of the MC's for NSSpain, a podcast I'd recorded with John Sundell was released.

Again, for me, the conversation with John was like catching up with an old friend. The podcast episode wasn't that different from us talking to each other over dinner. The main topic this time was functional programming. You can find it on the "Swift by Sundell" podcast feed.