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I had one of those awesome weeks where midway through a section I was adding to the flatMap Chapter I began to understand the concept I was explaining.

Maybe that's an overstatement - after you read the new section on the Reader monad you can let me know.

I know - doesn't give you much confidence in the guy up front in the driver's seat.

Thanks to a lot of great feedback on chapters 5 and 6, I've added material to the map chapter and diagrams and two new sections to the flatMap Chapter including the Reader section and new material on Monoids - which we use to enhance Writer and will use more in chapter 7.

I've also added two more "A Badly Drawn Comic Explanation"s.

In any case, the update is free as always from Gumroad if you own the book.

If not, I'd love to have you join the fun by buying the book at A Functional Programming Kickstart. And I'm still offering a discount if you need one.

I'm hoping to wrap up the book next week and maybe get some sleep til dub dub.