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Years ago I had the idea to write a couple of cookbooks for those of us who work from home.

The idea seemed natural to me.

So many of the foods we love take a long time to make without requiring a lot of attention from us.

When I started to work from home, I was able to cook more like Kim's grandmother.

I could mix together a bread dough for five minutes and then go do some work. An hour or so later I could get up, grab a cup of coffee, and spend a minute with the dough folding it.

An hour after than I'd take another minute.

An hour after that I'd shape the bread and turn on the oven.

An hour later I'd bake the bread.

It took hours to make bread but probably under ten minutes total time from me.

There are many things that fit into this pattern and I thought about writing them up into a book like "The remote worker cookbook" or something.

But I never wrote it.

And now there's a pandemic and everyone is writing that book.

And everyone is baking.

My friend Chris remembered me telling him about this and encouraged me to start posting recipes and so I did. And this week the structure of a book on baking bread started taking shape.

So I think I will write this book anyway. I'll start after my Functional Kickstart is finished and before I start work on the Combine book.

I'd like to include pictures of other people bread that they are baking from this project. If you'd like to tech review and/or bake along with me now and then send me an email at my inquiries email.

There's a bread baking app I've wanted to write for a while too. Maybe I'll take a shot at that as well.

Just a couple of things I'm thinking of doing.