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Join me in the new year at one or both Swift workshops in London.

I'm working with my friend Paul Ardeleanu to put on two workshops to bring you up to speed with Swift programming at the lowest price-point we could.

If you are an experienced programmer who is relatively new to Swift, join us for a completely updated version of the best-selling Swift Kickstart Workshop.

This is a fast-paced one day introduction to the Swift Programming Language. We'll use Xcode 9 and target Swift 4 and cover everything from functions, collections, and variables to classes, enumerations, structs, and protocols. Here's the full syllabus for the intro class. In addition, all attendees will get a free electronic copy of my Swift Kickstart book.

The second workshop is a two day intermediate class for those who take their Swift programming to another level.

You'll learn to take advantage of what the Swift language is best suited for. Often when we come to a new language, we begin by writing code using the syntax of the new language but holding on to the structure and paradigms of the language we are coming from.

This workshop will push you to write code that is more Swift-like. Code that takes advantage of Swift's strengths. We pay particular attention to the evolution of the language so we build on where Swift is heading and not where it's been.

We'll start with simple MVC and MVVM applications, look at working with types and generics, and dig into higher level functions like map, filter, reduce, and flatmap. Here's the complete Intermediate syllabus.

I look forward to seeing you in London for this class.

Join us, tell a friend, and spread the word!


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