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I've been teaching a two-day introduction to Swift all around the world. Sometimes I teach the first day, sometimes I teach the second day, and sometimes, like last week in Paris, I get to teach both days.

The first day includes a lot of material from chapters 2 to 8 of my book "A Swift Kickstart". In fact, I kind of think of it as the concert tour in support of the book.

I'd always intended to write a second book based on the second day of training.

The good news is I've written that material into book form.

The better news is I'm including these four new chapters in today's update to "A Swift Kickstart (Second Edition)."

It came to me last week while I was teaching two days of Swift before the dotSwift conference in Paris. There I was in Paris with a great group of people engaged in two days of learning Swift.

I love Swift, I love the dotSwift conference, and I absolutely love Paris.

With so much love, I decided to give the new content away.

I know. I'm not very savvy at this whole "making money" thing. I was just going to do a simple pass to incorporate all of the errata and update a few code samples, and then I got carried away.

In the first release of this second edition, I changed the book format to ePub and supported both Xcode playgrounds and Swift (in iOS on iPad) playgrounds.

In this latest release, I've added chapters on Errors and Higher-Order Functions including map(), filter(), reduce(), and flatMap(), as well as material on Sequences and Iterators, and functional programming.

If you own the Second Edition of the book, you can update it to this latest version for free.

If you don't own the book, you should buy it! It's available at Gumroad or on the iBookstore.

Also, if you like the book please tell a friend or two and leave a review.

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