A Swift(3) Kickstart

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The Swift 3 version of my book "A Swift Kickstart" is available.

My intention was to have it ready when Swift 3 released at the end of September but when after my wife was killed in a car accident in August it was months before I could hold a cogent thought in my head.

I know. Everytime I write something personal like that in my "business" blog, folks will write to ask me not to. Anyway, ...

Slowly, with the help of so many friends and colleagues, I've gotten strong enough to sit and work a bit each day and I decided to use NaNoWriMo, or as most people call it - November, to try to update my book.

The changes to Swift from Swift 2 to Swift 3 were wonderful. The language is easier to write and more of a pleasure to read. But it did mean that almost every line of code in the book needed to be updated. It also meant that some sections didn't belong in the book any more and others were needed.

My hope is that this update feels like the previous edition. I hope the changes feel natural and that you don't notice many of them even though they are on every page of the book.

You can find the book on Gumroad or on the iBookstore.

So what's next?

I am scheduling training and conferences starting in Paris in January.

I am creating a video version of the book which I hope to have for sale by then.

I plan to add four or more chapters to this book based on the material from my second day of Swift training.

Other than that, there are some long shots. None of these are likely to happen but I want to put them out there anyway.

There are a couple of other programming books I've wanted to write for a while: one on iOS programming, one on my turtle project for kids and new programmers, and an update to my BDD testing book.

I've wanted to write a couple of apps. That's probably less likely. There's one I want to write for a workout I've been doing and another one I want to write for bread baking.

Hand-in-hand with that are some non-programming books I'd like to write: one on bread baking, one on general cooking at home, and one on time management.

And, of course, there are some math books I've always wanted to write.

Step by step. Getting stronger but not strong yet. I'm going to start with the videos.