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We really don't have much memory for pain.

It's probably a good thing.

You miss a stair step and twist your ankle and it's unbelievably painful to walk. In a day or so you're poking at your ankle trying to see if it hurts but it doesn't anymore and you can't remember the discomfort or pain with any real clarity.

I suppose that's why I was so optimistic that I could get back to work a month after Kim died. I wasn't sure if Maggie and I would be able to make the trip to Italy, but I felt sure that I would be updating my books by now and starting to teach again.

I thought I would find comfort in coding and writing about Swift again.

Perhaps I will soon - I just haven't been able to concentrate adequately.

I apologize, but I've cancelled all of my travel through the end of the year. I offered to teach my classes remotely on video but the organizers of the various conferences thought that having someone on-site would be better and Carol, Ash, and Jorge have kindly stepped in to teach workshops I was scheduled to teach.

Thank you.

My goal is still to return to writing as soon as possible. I have many ideas and I also think it will be good for me to do so. But first, I want to make sure I am thinking clearly enough so that it is good for you as well.

Also, since I won't be able to travel I will look into producing videos that replicate some of what I do at workshops. I recently produced a series of videos on what is new in Swift 3 and think I can use a similar style to produce instructional videos.

I actually looked into doing this a while ago and made an agreement with someone I respect a lot for distribution. I may now take a less formal approach, but I'm not sure.

I wrote two editions of a companion book to the Stanford iOS course and had hoped to update the book for Swift. Many people have written to ask why I don't update the book for Swift as there's never been a Swift edition of the book. I would love to do so. The way the rights to the material are, however, is that I would have to offer the book for free. That was fine for the first two editions as someone paid for my time. The plan was that we would update the book yearly - I have not heard back from the folks in charge so I assume that those plans have changed.

There is a bread baking app I would like to write. Perhaps I'll work on that.

First, I plan to update "A Swift Kickstart" to Swift 3. All of the code has been updated and I have material for another three chapters ready. I need to sit down and write the prose. I converted the book to ePub this past Spring and offered it on Gum Road for $15. This edition will be a free upgrade there. Unfortunately, on the iBookstore I can't offer it as a free upgrade. I will offer it for $15 for a week to allow people to move over. Then I will change the price on both platforms to $30.

Other books include my children's book, an update to my storyboards book, and possibly an update to my BDD book.

We'll see how it goes.

Thank you for your patience.