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I want to do two things that are mutually exclusive on the iBookstore:

  1. Switch from the ibook format to ePub 3, and
  2. Allow people who own the current book to get the updates in the new format for free.

It turns out, this isn't allowed. If I switch to ePub then it must be a separate SKU so readers would have to pay all over again.

I don't have a great solution for this except to cut the price in half for this edition and offer the update at half price as well for a while so that people who buy the book after today and want to update end up paying half price twice.

Unfortunately, this punishes the people I owe the most to - those of you who bought the book early and stayed with me through it all. I'm hoping that the regular updates you received during this time made it worth your while and that you'll be happy when the updates are available. If you're very angry about having to pay again, I'll try to work something out.

I'm working on setting up over at Gum Road and converting the current edition into an ePub.

I'll let you know once it's available.

In the meantime, new readers can pick up the existing edition (which will not be updated again) for half price.