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Two of Chris Brogan's suggestions for choosing Three Words is to choose a word that you can clearly visualize and to choose a word that has multiple meanings.

By the way, Chris' suggestions appear in our first episode of the Tiny Challenges show. The second episode has now been posted.

My first word was Rapt. So far I've been doing ok at applying it. This will take a year's worth of work at the very least.

My second word is "Move".

I thought I was choosing it for its dual meaning but realize that there's a third meaning that is also important for me to work on this year.

First, "Move" means to physically move.

I need to stand up more. Walk more. Exercise more. Get to the gym more. Bike more. Maybe go back to learning to swim. Maybe finally make it past week two of Couch 2 5K.

I need to Move.

Second, "Move" means to change my routine.

I tend to stay with projects long after I should leave. I tend to stay at a job too long. I am so much a creature of habit that once I've established a pattern, it's hard for me to break it. That's a form of stasis that demands motion.

I need to Move.

Finally, I've noticed my return to wanting to teach young people again. I spent much of last year thinking about this and preparing to do so. This is the year I want to create materials and curriculum for young people again. It's been too long.

Teaching, for me, is about story telling. It's about moving people. It's about providing people with skills so they can move themselves.

They can move from one way of looking at a problem or at the world to another way. They can move from one career path to another. They can move mountains.

I need to teach them so they can move on or up.

My first professional teaching job was many years ago as the math teacher for the Oberlin Upward Bound program. I am excited about facing a class full of students now as I was then. It moves me.

I need to Move.