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It's sad but I don't watch movies in theaters or even at home on television. I mainly watch movies on airplanes.

This weekend I finally had a flight long enough with a big enough catalog that I got to see the movie "Inside Out".

I won't say too much about the movie itself because it won't make any sense to you. You won't "get it". At least I didn't. I thought I understood what it would be like to have these two worlds - the world that the child lives in and the inner world of her emotions.

I didn't.

In fact, imagine that challenge. Imagine that you set out to write a story about these two worlds. The stories in each of the two worlds have to make sense on their own and they have to combine in a way that each influences the other.

Add to this the desire to appeal to two audiences - kids and adults. And then for adults with kids add the requirement that they see it from their own perspective explaining their lives and from their kids perspective explaining the inner causes of conflict.

Sure, the world of the emotions is a fantasy world but you see enough items that are rooted in fact that you could see a child understanding that it's ok - or even necessary - to be sad. You see core memories being altered as they are accessed.

If you are going to write, you must read all the time.

More importantly, if you are going to tell stories you must consume stories.

Inside Out is a story that works on so many different levels that I encourage you to see it.