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My new book Test Driving iOS Development with Kiwi is now on iBookstore.

As I mentioned yesterday, I’m launching a new series of short, focused books.

This first one scratches my own itch.

I came from Java development and was a strong believer in TDD. Test Driven Development, for me, wasn’t about testing my code so much as it was about driving a better design of my code by using it first.

I’ve tried to embrace OCUnit for Unit testing Cocoa and iOS apps but I never like STAsserts and think that Apple should have given us a test runner by now.

A couple of years ago I saw David Chelimsky speak at a small conference in Chicago about RSpec. His book, The RSpec Book was in beta so I picked up a copy and it made a lot of sense to me.

Allen Ding and Luke Redpath have created a version of RSpec for iOS development named Kiwi that sits on top of OCUnit but uses Behavior Driven Development instead of TDD. It feels right to me.

My book Test Driving iOS Development with Kiwi is designed to get you up and running with Kiwi quickly. You won’t peer into every nook and cranny – in fact, you don’t peer into any nooks or crannies. This is the book that lets you spend half a day exploring Kiwi and deciding if it’s for you.

I hope you enjoy.

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