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Yesterday Apple announced the details for the iPhone 4s.

It will have a new dual core chip with faster CPU and much faster graphics. One device will work in the US on AT&T and Verizon — and if you weren’t listening carefully you missed where they said that Sprint was now going to be carrying the phone. The camera is improved for still and video. The cloud will be supported as part of iOS 5 and a voice assistant would be part of the package.

What is that package?

It’s going to be put inside the same case as the existing iPhone 4.

Now, I know some people who don’t like the design of the iPhone 4. They’ve been complaining about its feel since it shipped. My only issue with it is I need to look at it to determine the orientation. I’ll often pick it up and glance down to notice that it’s upside down. I don’t mean the home button is on top, I mean that the screen is facing away from me. Other than that, I don’t have any issues with the form factor. I have never dropped this phone and haven’t noticed the antenna problems that others complained about.

So what about that package?

For many people the improvements in the iPhone matter. For many more people, they don’t matter. But these people want a new phone anyway. They don’t just want a new phone. They want other people to know they have a new phone. If it’s in the same iPhone 4 looking package, how will other people know that they are cutting edge early adopters?

I wonder if there are people who would prefer fewer features in a phone with a new style. Where’s the rounded glass we heard about? Where’s the unibody look?

If the iPhone 4 supported Siri, I wonder what it would answer to the question “should I upgrade to the iPhone 4s”.

“Working on it…”

I’m on the fence about upgrading. Kim is pretty good about pushing me to do so. “You write apps for this device,” she says. “You write books about it, you do training — just buy it.”

Fortunately for me, Kim was available long before anyone thought of the iPhone. As for her packaging… it remains perfect.