Why we play the game

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You have a great idea for a story or a book or a great new app. You can see the finished product completely in your mind’s eye.

I had a friend who had a great idea for a book on an advanced math topic. The book was so real to him that he had vivid dreams of appearing as a guest on Oprah talking to her about his book — and the audience loved him.

The difference between my friend and many others is that he went on to write and publish his book.

For many people, the dream is so three dimensional that it feels as if the work is mostly done.

Last week people in Cleveland were debating how much the Browns would beat the Bengals by. The first football game of the new season against a questionable quarterback on a team not expected to win many games this season. Callers into local sports shows couldn’t agree on how many points the Browns would beat the seven point line by. No one questioned that the Browns would win by a touchdown. In fact, let’s look past this first game — the Browns could go four and oh. They could — no they should — no they will — win their first four games.

Why even show up and play the game?

Well, you know how this one ends. The Browns lost by ten points at home.

That’s why we play the game. Until we write that story, or book, or app it doesn’t exist.

So go. Go line up and play your game.