Freezing leftovers

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We always have extra turkey and stuffing left over after Thanksgiving. There are only so many turkey themed meals we can have in the week after the holiday. I love turkey and feel lucky to have enough to have fed seventeen relatives and still have some remaining but at some point enough is enough. It’s time to freeze what’s left to use when the time is right.

What about your left overs?

There are examples and explanations that didn’t quite fit into one chapter that you are able to use in another chapter. But at some point enough is enough. If you insist on using your left over material you will be harming your book and not helping it.

Wrap those leftovers up carefully. Make sure you label them so that you know what you have. You don’t want to be staring at some odd shaped blob wrapped in aluminum foil not knowing what’s inside or how old it is.

After your book ships, you are going to need to promote it. These leftovers are ideal. That way you don’t have to keep using examples from your book. User your leftovers for a blog post or two to promote your book when it’s out. Write an article for an industry website with your leftovers and point them to your book. Create a screencast from the material.

Whatever you do, don’t throw out your leftovers. And don’t make the mistake I make with food leftovers—I forget that I have them when I need them. Keep a list of topics you can write or blog on to promote your book. Or maybe … just like food leftovers … your book leftovers are the launching point for your next book.

This post originally appeared in the Pragmatic Life blog.