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You’ve been writing every day for two weeks now. Congratulations. You are building a habit and producing pages. You are doing something that many people always wished they could. In fact, that should bring a little smile to your face. Just two weeks ago you were one of those people. No more. You are becoming an author.

There are many dangers at this point.

One big problem is that you’ve proved to yourself you could write every day for two weeks—you don’t really need to finish the month. There are things you need to do—you can write your book later when you have time. Maybe January.

Don’t stop.

First, two weeks is not long enough to establish a habit. You need to keep going to start burning in the daily routine and to battle the demons we talked about last weekend. Gyms survive on memberships from people who start with good intent and last about two weeks. Two weeks isn’t easy—what you’ve done is a real accomplishment—but two weeks isn’t enough.

Second, you haven’t finished. You set out to write for a month. You haven’t done it yet. Right now you’re like friends of mine who say "I almost have my PhD, I just never finished my dissertation." Again, I’m not taking anything away from how far they or you have come. I’m just encouraging you to build on your success and to finish what you set out to accomplish.

You can do it. You absolutely can. Show up every day and write. Tomorrow we’ll talk about boredom.

This post originally appeared in the Pragmatic Life blog.